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No Introsec this semester

Hi everyone! We will not be running Introsec in the Spring (we usually only run it in Fall semesters), but will be leaving the server and challenges online for anyone interested in learning independently. Please feel free to ask questions on RPISEC’s IRC server, and come to the Friday meetings!

Posted 1/23/18

The Dark Hole of the Internet

Tonight we explored the depths of the Internet - viruses, worms, botnets, and other creepy crawlies. This is a continuation of our reverse engineering talk from a few weeks ago, along with a history of malware, malware analysis, and malware counter-analysis.

(In addition, the images from the RE lecture are now fixed)

Posted 10/31/17

We Are Alive!

After being torn to pieces to evacuate, the Introsec server has been re-assembled! Everything is back online, but some of the hard-drives were damaged in the evacuation, so expect some downtime as we replace them.

While the website was down we covered networking and an introduction to reverse engineering. Both slide sets are now online.

Posted 10/21/17

Lockpicking and Hackers

Hey all! Thanks for a great night tonight! We watched Hackers, and learned a thing or two about picking locks through hands-on experience.

No slides from this week, because we used lockpicking slides from Toool, The Open Organisation of Lockpickers. Feel free to pull slides from their website and keep practicing!

Posted 10/3/17

Cryptography 1

Tonight we’re introducing cryptography - symmetric (password based), asymmetric (keypair based), and hashing algorithms. Later weeks will dive in to these topics in more detail, but tonight we’ll be taking a high-level overview and looking at classical cryptography.

Posted 9/26/17

Steganography and Forensics

Good evening! Tonight we’ll be covering some of our very favorite topics - steganography (hiding things inside of other things) and forensics (recovering what was meant to be destroyed). There will be live demos, discussion of security culture, and some good hacker music. It’s going to be a great night.

Here’s the paper on breaching airgapped networks that Negasora brought up in meeting.

Posted 9/19/17

Web Hacking!

Tonight we’re introducing web exploitation - breaking in to websites, impersonating other users, stealing databases, and more! Hope to see you there!

Additional web challenges can be found at:

Posted 9/12/17

First Meeting

Great to see so many new faces tonight! For those that missed the meeting, we ran through a brief introduction to the club, an overview of what we’ll be covering this semester, and a tutorial on the command line. All lectures can be found online here.

After the slides we switched to working on the Bandit wargame, which you can begin by running:

ssh -p 2220

Password for level 0 is “bandit0”. If you have any questions about bandit or other security material, please join us on #intro on the RPISEC IRC server.

See you next week!

Posted 9/5/17

Fall Semester

INTROSEC is coming soon! Meetings will be 5-7PM on Tuesdays, in Sage 3510. We hope to see you there!

Posted 9/4/17