RPISEC Introductory Meetings


Our objective is to give students a broad security background. We give weekly lectures on a wide range of topics, and run a semester long Capture the Flag competition to train anyone interested.

No security background is necessary to participate! However, completion of CS1 or a high familiarity with computers will be very helpful. Most of our meetings stand independently, and we will announce when a topic builds on another and requires extra experience.


Fall 2016 meetings will be held every Tuesday 5PM to 7PM in Sage 3510. We try to arrive at 4:30, so feel free to stop by early if you have any questions or just want to chat!

We are not holding meetings in Spring 2018

Each meeting we give a small lecture on a specific topic (ie Web Hacking, Cryptography, or Packet Sniffing), hold a discussion on recent events in the security community, and then work together on security challenges.

Mailing list

The Introsec mailing list is low volume (usually one message a week) and is used to announce:

  • The topic of the next meeting

  • Upcoming CTFs that RPISEC or Introsec will be competing in

  • Major events in the security community

To join the mailing list, register an account on this website.

Important tools

We will go over any specific tools necessary for each topic, but we also provide links to common tools for reference on our assets page.

How do I join?

First, register an account on this website. An account will give you access to our online CTF and will put you on our announcement mailing list. If you do not get a weekly announcement email, write to us by email or on IRC - we probably forgot to check for new accounts.

Next, show up! We hold meetings once a week, and will be happy to help you catch up after the lecture if you missed the first few weeks.


For more information, contact Milo Trujillo (atrus) at trujim@rpi.edu, Jazmyn Borman (Staethe) at bormaj@rpi.edu, Ethan Riley (deku) at rileye4@rpi.edu, or reach us at #intro on irc.rpis.ec